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From A Tiny Village To Popular Ski Resort – Courmayeur Italy

sdgAt one time, Courmayeur was a simple, tiny village with two churches, sitting at the foot of Mont Blanc which made it looks even smaller. Today, Courmayeur is a popular ski resort destination. It began in 1786 when 2 men braved the elements of the mountains and stake their claim where no man had succeeded before.

Today, this village of Courmayeur offers visitors plenty of mountains and plenty of snow to get their skiing desires filled. But there is more to this village than just snow skiing. There are mountains to climb and a village full of rich history to tour. The locals are friendly, welcoming each and every visitor as if they are family.

Some refer to this area as a commune which sits in the northern part of Italy, in the Aosta Valley region and at the base of Mont Blanc. Visitors find many activities while staying at 4,016 feet elevation above sea level. In addition to the wonderful ski resort atmosphere and surroundings that Courmayeur offers, there is mountain climbing and the historic tours, during the summer, the beautiful botanical gardens are a sight to see.

With approximately 3,000 residents year round, they make sure your visit to the ski resort area of Courmayeur is something that you will always remember. Whether it is a dream vacation for the family or a honeymoon for newly married couple, the beauty, the people, the overall atmosphere makes for a trip that you'll want to repeat again sooner than later.

Skiing Take Nourishment And Courmayeur Accommodates That

The village of Courmayeur offers more than ski resort atmosphere. The Italian fare that is served throughout the village will be the best you'll ever taste. This isn't the typical Italian city with the basic Italian foods and perhaps it is the mountain air that makes it taste so much better.

The rich sauces, the savory spices all with the garlic, olive oil, onions, peppers, and tomatoes missed just right. And don't forget the wonderful cheeses that Italy has to offer too. People come to Courmayeur for many things. They come for the skiing, the beauty, the people, and the food.

Plenty Of Transportation For A Ski Resort

Courmayeur doesn't have the hustle and bustle of big city life and all that transportations means in the big city, which some people may find inconvenient. But getting up and down the mountains is easy with plenty of cable car lifts, chair lifts, and gondola lifts. There are many ways to get around this ski resort village of Courmayeur.

Many of the hotels and lodges around the village have easy access to any of these ways that will get you to the top so that you can ski back down. Or ride a cable car, chairlift or a gondola back down if skiing isn't on your agenda.

As a Freelance Writer the past 8 years, Audrey has written on several different topics in a variety of industries. Her 30+ years in Customer Service and Sales has given her an insight into many areas, which has been helpful in her writing.

She found information about ski resorts in Courmayeur Italy on the Internet, which also took her to information about other popular vacation spots abroad like Zermatt and the many Zermatt accommodations and hotels as well as the skiing and other outdoor activity.

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From Humble Beginnings To Hot Vacation Spot – Zermatt

avIn Switzerland's southwestern corner is the quaint village of Zermatt. A German speaking area that sits at the foot of the Matterhorn, the most famous of all skiing mountains. Here, you'll find a Zermatt accommodation to fit any budget in various sizes and styles.

There are almost 6,000 permanent residents today, but in the humble beginnings of this village, it was nothing more than rural agricultural. But today however, when the weather permits, it is now the hot spot for excellent skiing conditions all year long. Avid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts flock here for the outdoor experiences that only Zermatt can offer.

Zermatt Switzerland has several historic dates that are an important part of what you see today as a European vacation destination. Lauber, a Zermatt surgeon back in 1838, would be the first to open a Zermatt accommodation, The Hotel Cervie with only 3 beds. The first post office would open in 1852 and would transport mail from Zermatt to Visp and back again.

What Makes Zermatt A Vacation Destination?

Zermatt is a car-free village, but it is still convenient getting around because everything is in walking distance. Perhaps this is what lends to the charm of this quaint vacation village? Or perhaps it is the friendly, warm welcome you get from each and every resident, shop owner or Zermatt accommodation employee? No matter which of those reasons you may choose, there is no doubt that the beautiful, inspiring views of the Matterhorn are one of the reasons to vacation here.

Ski In And Ski Out

Choosing a Zermatt accommodation that offers ski in and ski out convenience is a popular choice. At these accommodations, they are fully prepared for ski equipment storage and will always have a roaring fire and popular beverages waiting. Being able to ski in the lodge you choose to stay and to ski out the next day can make your trip even more wonderful than it already will be.

Such as the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergra which is situated in the middle of one of the highest mountain ranges at 3,100 meters above sea level. Here, you will find a life that is different than what you'll experience in the valley. It offers an unobstructed view on the west side where a visitor can soak in all of the great Matterhorn's beauty. And the on the south side, the Monte Rosa Massif is a view that you'll never forget.

Families Prefer Apartment Style Zermatt Accommodation

The Chalet Alm is an apartment style Zermatt Accommodation with two bedrooms and two beds in each. The living room offers a private fireplace that can warm the body and soul each evening and free WiFi allows the visitor to stay in touch with the outside world if needed. The privacy with plenty of space makes for the perfect vacation housing for a family with children.

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Six Amazing Places To Book Your Zermatt Ski Trip!

sbThe beautiful and majestic Swiss Alps is where you'll find the amazing Zermatt ski country. The adventure and opportunities that are waiting for the expert and the novice during the winter months are unlimited. Here we have a list of six of the best locations in Zermatt to plan your ski trip around:

Arosa: This is in the Eastern part of Switzerland and is popular in the summer months and the winter months. It is full and rich with history and tradition, creating an experience that you'll never forget. Best for the extended stay so that you can absorb it all and more than 50 miles of terrain that is pristine perfect for a full Zermatt ski adventure. The pure air and majestic slope drop off give the experienced skiers a challenge and for nature lovers, the relative isolation is superb.

Gstaad/Saanenland: This is the ski resort that will provide you an experience without extreme difficulty. Here are the courses that are best for beginners and intermediate skiers. The slopes aren't as wild as some of the other slopes, but it is a pricey Zermatt ski accommodation which may make it not feasible for families.

Murren: If you're looking for a picturesque Zermatt ski sight, this is the place to book your reservation. Sitting in Lauterbrunnen Valley, high on a cliff that is 5,400 feet up, you'll only get here by cable car. The hiking and the sledding trails are some of the best in Switzerland.

Klosters: Home in the Eastern part of Switzerland sitting on the Landwasser River. Here they offer an ample amount of slopes that are perfect for the novice skier and if hiking the mountains is your thing, you won't find a better place than right here.

Laax/Films/Falera: A combination area that offers a plenty of summer sports and for the winter months, the skiing and snowboarding folks will have plenty of competitions to attend and/or participate. There are more than 130 square miles of Zermatt ski opportunities, making it a major draw for the cross country skiing crowd.

Saas-Fee: In southwest Switzerland, close to Zermatt is where you'll find The Dom, highest mountain in Switzerland. The glacial activity is an attraction and with year-round sports activities, this is a Zermatt ski accommodation that even includes summer skiing in some areas.

There are plenty of blue rating slopes that are perfect for intermediate skiers and advanced skiing enthusiasts too. And if you're a beginner, there are some smaller slopes and ski schools too.

As a Freelance Writer the past 8 years, Audrey has written on several different topics in a variety of industries. Her 30+ years in Customer Service and Sales has given her an insight into many areas, which has been helpful in her writing.


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The Last Minute Mom’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Ski Lodge

sdv3Planning a ski vacation for your family can be stressful enough - but having to find a last- minute ski lodge can be downright scary. Thankfully, there are some great tips and suggestions for mothers who need to book accommodations within a certain time period. One of the biggest decisions to make when planning a ski trip is choosing the lodge. Take a look at the following for some helpful tips when selecting a place to stay:

The location matters!

When booking a hotel with children, the location of the hotel should be family friendly. In other words, choosing a luxurious, top-of-the-line resort town may be fabulous for a romantic getaway, but it can be quite limiting when it comes to its offerings of day activities for children. Take a look at the surrounding town and do a quick online search of friendly tourist opportunities for families. You will be surprised by what some places offer.

Ski lodges that are close to the ski slopes can be a big help for families with children. Look for transportation options if the mountains are further from the hotel. Consider possible day trips as well, as it never hurts to have back-up options if your children tire of skiing.

Call the concierge or the manager.

Planning a trip for your family can be tricky, but travelers often forget what a great resource the hotel staff can be. Call when in doubt and ask to speak to the manager regarding activities for children. The concierge can inform you about the location of the hotel to the ski slopes, and whether there will be ski lessons for children. Ask if there is a pool or if there are other available activities that for families.

If you do not like how the interaction occurs on the telephone, chances are good that you will be stressed about the accommodation if you choose to book. If you really are under a time-crunch, call back, as you may have just had an isolated bad experience. If you experience negative customer service twice, move on to the next option.

Contemplate choosing a condominium-style hotel.

Ski lodges can be just another name for a hotel that is convenient to a ski slope. And some of these hotels utilize a business model wherein different rooms are maintained and owned by different individuals and companies. This can be a great option for last-minute bookers, as they offer different budget choices. As a bonus for procrastination, you can score some real deals from those who are desperately seeking to lease their rooms. Generally, you can find lofts, condominiums, suites and regular rooms. Suites and lofts usually offer sleeping arrangements for groups, so this may be ideal for a family.

Remember to search online for reviews of the individual rooms, in addition to the ski lodge in general. Fellow travelers will leave reviews on certain rooms, as not all owners manage equally. But condominium-style hotels will usually have something for everyone, which is great for families.

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